Hi, I'm very glad to see this first technological preview of QtMoblity. The project is really useful for mobile developers - I really appreciate this guys ! Looking forward to get a release version.

So I had the following issues with Symbian (I know Jack warned to do not build it but my interest was quite big )

- Couldn't build with GCCE complier - there are 2 compile errors - both about missed parentheses in signal emit function in qgeopositioninfosource_s60.cpp and qgeosateliteinfosource_s60.cpp files. I fixed that and was able to build the whole library;

- Once there was a notice before lets do not consider that seriously, but for those who is bothering with that: I wasn't able to run any example on the phone. Some Forum Nokia documentation says that the libraries are not supposed to be deployed on the device and should be linked with the application and then a developer should install the application;

- "make install" didn't work. Neither the default one "C:\QtMoblility" nor the custom I pointed;

- Couldn't pick the platform in "configure" file. Just had "debug" or "release" options, but neither from "gcce-deb/rel", "rvct-deb/rel", emulator compiler. So had to execute "make debug-gcce"

- Couldn't build the examples separately after I pointed to do not build the examples in configuration stage. Actually I did small modification of appropriate .pri files so I was able to build example, but I'd prefer it to be without any additional effort

- All the binaries were in C:\S60\devices\S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0\epoc32\release\gcce\udeb (or appropriate target directory) but not in a build folder. Probably thats because "make install" didn't work.

I did all of that on Windows XP SP3 with S60_5th_Edition_SDK_v1.0, Qt 4.6.0 for Symbian.

Thanks again guys for a very good project and looking forward to get something working soon.