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    Object Tag, e71x s60 v3.28

    <object height="100" width="200" type="text/html"

    This does not work on my e71x s60v3.28. I get a small image displayed but the site is not resolved.

    I installed Skyfire and Opera Mobile and the tag WORKS as expected.

    The object tag works in webkit for SVG and flash content but not text/html.

    I believe that this is either a bug or "as expected" feature.

    If it is a bug, what is the best way to submit it and does it go to nokia or att.

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    Re: Object Tag, e71x s60 v3.28

    This thread has been moved in hopes of finding a solution.

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    Re: Object Tag, e71x s60 v3.28

    More information:

    object tag html that worked and html that did not
    work work with webkit but did work on in Opera mobile and Skyfire.

    Also, I did find a place to submit a bug.

    ---non working object tag examples---
    <object height="100" width="200" type="text/html"

    ---working object tag examples---

    <object height="100" width="100" type="audio/x-pn-realaudio-plugin"

    <object height="100" width="100" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"

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