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    Retrieve RGB data while capture.


    Im an interaction designer mostly dealing with CV projects on Processing. These days im creating some Mobile prototypes using J2ME S60 API.
    I would like to know how could it be possible to retrieve hue or color data from an ongoing capture. Basically what i am after is to create a capture object with a size of 1pixel by 140 pixels (setDisplaySize(1, 140) ? ) and get the color value (getRGB?) real-time. Id be glad if you can provide me a basic code snippet for this sort of operation.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Re: Retrieve RGB data while capture.

    Suppose you have an image imgThumb. do as below to get the r,g,b values
    rawIntDummy = new int[imgThumb.getWidth() * imgThumb.getHeight()];
    imgThumb.getRGB(rawIntDummy, 0, imgThumb.getWidth(), 0, 0, imgThumb.getWidth(), imgThumb.getHeight());

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