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    Missing VoIP bridge to SIP client in E72

    The E72 has the same Nokia SIP client as is built in to other models (E71 etc). However, there seem to be functionality missing for using this client. There is no way to make a SIP call using a configured SIP profile. I want to get the option in the contact list to place a call over VoIP.

    I called Nokia technical support who confirms that the functionality (bridge) to make VoIP calls via the SIP client has been removed from the E72 (and possibly other models as well). I would consider this missing functionality as a bug, since the phone is marketed as having SIP VoIP support.

    Does anyone on the forum know if there is anywhere I can download this missing piece of functionality for my E72? It must exist out there since it was standard functionality in older Nokia models.

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    Re: Missing VoIP bridge to SIP client in E72

    I have the same problem as you did. In order to fix the problem, you have to install SIP VoIP Setting 3.x which is obtained from Nokia website somewhere. Setting up a voip client is different from what we have in E71. Please find some time to explore it after the isntallation of SIP VoIP Settings 3.x.

    In fact, SIP VoIP Setting 3.x simplifies the setup task for a SIP server. It only ask you to enter your SIP URI and password. That's all!


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    Re: Missing VoIP bridge to SIP client in E72

    SIP VOIP Setting 3.x certainly makes it easier and it works fine. However I couldn't stop the Internet Telephone service once it had registered and ended up having to delete the profile in offline mode. I used SIP with the N95 with no problems, so as I'm new to the E72 and this SIP client, is there a way to deactivate the service?


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    Contacts » right to the VoIP tab » Options » Deactivate service

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