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    Wink Credit card processing INSIDE an app

    Hi all

    Imagine i'm writing a ticket booking app. I have a server handling CC numbers with https, can i send these number (and therefore "make" a payment) inside the app ?
    Will my app gets approval ?

    on page 49/77 of developers guide one can read : "Only Nokia billing is accepted. If the content contains any other external billing solution it will be
    rejected." Does it mean i cannot integrate a app to payment house made API ?

    Best regards

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    Re: Credit card processing INSIDE an app


    This type of transaction, if allowed, would need special approval. Please consult assigned Forum Nokia rep

    Thank you

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    Re: Credit card processing INSIDE an app


    Can you also send an email to publishtoovi.support@nokia.com

    Subject: handling CC numbers with https

    and then in Body: name of your company, name of app, value of the app and then proposed business model

    Thank you

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