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    How to categorise an access point (uncategorised access point issue)

    Greetings all,

    I've been looking around in the forum Nokia for an answer to this issue without results so here I come with the problem I'm facing.

    First of all I'm developing on S60 5th v1.0 SDK and testing on a Nokia N97 handset.

    I've managed to successfully create a wlan access point using the deprecated CApAccessPointItem API. However this access point is not categorised.

    In order to try to create a correctly categorised access point I've tried to use the CommsDat API but failed to make it show on the N97.

    From my investigations it is not possible to create a fully functional wlan access point using CommsDat as some information is not stored in the communication database (wlan specific data like security etc).
    To validate this point I've factory reset the phone then created an access point through the Connectivity -> Destinations settings and dumped the communication database using ceddump. I've then factory reset the phone again and created the same access point programatically using the CommsDat API and dumped the communication database.
    I ended up with the database dumps being identical but my programatically created access point was nowhere to be found on the phone.

    So I decided that my best shot was to stick to the deprecated API (for the time being) and try to solve the destination issue.

    So here it is guys, does anyone know how to categorise an access point?


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    Talking Re: How to categorise an access point (uncategorised access point issue)

    Here is the solution:

    Use the connection method manager extended API that you can find in the Symbian Foundation source respository.

    You're after the following files:
    • cmcommonui.h
    • cmconnectionmethodext.h
    • cmdestinationext.h
    • cmmanagerext.h
    • cmmanagerkeys.h
    • cmpsettingsconsts.h
    • cmsettingsui.h

    Patch your SDK with these (in epoc32/include) and use them.

    Without telling you everything you should:

    1. Iterate throught the destination list using RCmManagerExt::AllDestinationsL() and RCmManagerExt:: DestinationL()
    2. Find the destination where you want to create a new method
    3. Create a new connection method using RCmDestinationExt::ConnectionMethodL()
    4. Set all the method attributes using RCmConnectionMethodExt::Set*AttributeL() methods
    5. Commit your changes using RCmDestinationExt::UpdateL()

    Hopefully if all goes fine your access point should be categorised.


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    Re: How to categorise an access point (uncategorised access point issue)

    thanks this is really helpful, so i can create self dest and ap individually now.
    then next problem is the connection process, wish luck.

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