Dear Audience,

i have submitted an application and this application was tested and QA and preinstalled into another manufactors phone and also Symbian Signed (not express signed but symbian signed) then I submitted to OVI Store and was accepted without any problem they tested it they checked and all goes fine.
Now latelly I have added new devices to the current content and the result that the SIS file should be tested again (Why ? if i didn't touch it) and this is worster than App store because at least they allow you to edit data without resubmit the binary.
In any case application was checked and failed because the tester didn't test the application well , I have sent many E-mail to explain issue and also to describe the wrong checking they made and also why they accept it (because they tested well) the first time and the 2nd time they reject it for an unknow errors ?
I have sent several E-mail to OVI store and i still have no answer for over a week , if nobody cotact me i will start to write to many magazines to describe the process of OVI store so people can start also to understand how difficult is become a developer and how is not easy to submit to Nokia because instead to make the process easier they complicated after softwaremarket ... i hope somebody of OVI will check the forum sporadically and contact me sooner

Thanks for listening