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    How move a dll to the right directory with Qt Creator


    I have one dll project and one .exe project. When I have built the dll I want it to be copied to the folder of the .exe but I have no idea on how to do this with Qt Creator. In Visual Studio there are Deployement settings and you can also do Post Build events. Is there something similar for Qt Creator?

    I am currently doing a Win32 version of the application so it does not have to deploy to device or something like that. I just want to move the dll to the correct folder so the .exe finds it.

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    Re: How move a dll to the right directory with Qt Creator

    Probably there are better ways but one option is to add a custom build step in which you execute bat that copies files. Build steps can be added from Qt Creator's Projects Mode(Ctrl+4).

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    Re: How move a dll to the right directory with Qt Creator

    Better would be to define a common target location in both project's .pro file, e.g.:
    DESTDIR = ../bin

    (Since this thread is "Qt for Symbian" it should be mentioned that in Symbian all executables must be located in /sys/bin.)

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