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    User Agent


    The MMS protocol between MMS-C and mobile is based upon WAP. Hence, the WAP mobile identification user-agent parameter should be available at the MMS-C. It seems that the Nokia EAIF Interface does not transmit this "user-agent" information to the partner platform.
    Is it possible to extend the EAIF protocol to include this information as HTTP request parameter ?
    If not, what do you recommend to solve this problem ?

    Thank you for your replies


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    Detecting the MMS User Agent via MM7

    Hi there,

    I am also *very* interested in getting an answer to this question, and the larger question of how to detect MMS User Agents in general.

    It would be essential for many value-added applications (i.e., those connecting through the MM7 interface) to be able to detect/determine the type of MMS User Agent they are communicating with. However I have yet to find a means of accomplishing this.

    Is there any standard or Nokia MMSC-specific way of accomplishing this? If not, does Nokia plan to expose this information, possibly as an MM7 HTTP header, in future implementations?

    I would very much appreciate hearing from some knowledgeable Nokia staff on this matter.

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