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    Angry Sales not showing up AGAIN!

    Hi there,

    triggered by another issue (look here device statistics ./. sales, but I think they're connected) I made some test purchases of my own content (AGAIN).

    I have receipts here, including some of my customers' that mailed me, telling me I have sold software through OVI store. But it's not in the reports (AGAIN).

    Funny thing is, this only applies to software that went online in December. Software that has been available before that seem to update their reports normally. (AGAIN? Can't remember)

    What is going on there (AGAIN)? Mailing support does not help, oviJude only repeated the reports in that there have been no sales. THIS IS NOT TRUE, PROOF IS ON MY DEVICE AND IN MY MAILBOX.

    70% revenue share? What shall I do if Nokia states that there has been no revenue? According to the device statistics, reviews, and emails there have been significant sales.

    Hello Nokia?


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    Re: Sales not showing up AGAIN!

    Dear publisher,
    As I mentioned in another thread, it takes 24 hours before the sales report is updated and the update is done on daily basis. The 5 applications' revenue of your company show up properly as of now.
    Sorry for any inconvenience.
    OVI Publisher Support

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    Unhappy Re: Sales not showing up AGAIN!

    Quote Originally Posted by oviJude View Post
    ... it takes 24 hours before the sales report is updated and the update is done on daily basis...
    You're right, the sales are showing up now, back to the date the software has been published. Which was December 4th. Today, the day the sales finally show up, it's the 11th. Seven days is considerably more than 24 or even 48 hours. Please allow my doubts that everything is (or was) in order when at the same time software that has been published earlier updated correctly every 24 hours.

    Do you understand the inconsistencies I see? You told me yourself on December 8th (!) that there have been NO sales. Now I see in my own reports that this was NOT correct. Please allow my doubts about the reporting tool.


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    Re: Sales not showing up AGAIN!


    I think we have similar issue. Our app was also published in December and for sure, part of the sales are not recorded properly. Now, naturally Nokia will correct this at some point of time, but we developers need to allocate our resources for becoming projects and we need to justify the return for our investments just like anyone at Nokia does.

    Can you please let us know if there's anyone working on this issue and what is the timetable for it? Even estimation of the fix is ok, I can't hold resourses without knowing what to do. Levels indicated at the moment do not justify further development at present and we need to decide what to do.

    Thanks in advance


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    Re: Sales not showing up AGAIN!

    I have the same problem. Sales stats for old apps are updated daily, while for a new app, added in December, nothing is shown. I know that there have been sales. It seems to be a several days delay in reporting for newly added apps.
    Could someone from OVI Team please explain that to us!

    I'm afraid, holidays have started and we'll have to wait until December 29th.

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    Re: Sales not showing up AGAIN!

    Here is an update on the Ovi Publish reports. The metrics are currently running behind and are showing a lag of up to 8 days.
    Please note, the reporting data itself is not affected, only the updates of the report’s UI are impacted.

    The reports engineering team has implemented a fix and they expect reports to be caught up again in 7 to 8 days. We'll keep everyone posted here as soon as the reports are caught up again.

    Our apologies for the situation. We appreciate your patience and regret any inconvenience this issue may cause you. As If you have any further questions please contact Ovi Publish Support at publishtoovi.support@nokia.com

    - Eric

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