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    Bug reporting: closed?

    Why to report a bug, I have to be signed to closed services, like 'Pro'?

    Bug reports is one of the most valuable outcomes for infotainment/telecom/IT/hightech companies, like Nokia. For field claims it is clear, there is a support team. But bug reports could be directly collected and forwarded in processing to you QA/Engineering.

    This forum could be a great opportunity to collect bug reports from volunteer testers all over the world. I propose to create special form (BUG REPORTING FORM) on forum site for open bug reporting. This system could be embedded to your problems tracking system.

    Definitely it can be treated by publicity, like if Nokia uses end users as beta testers, but hey, say it honestly - your recent products are really beta!


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    Re: Bug reporting: closed?

    Thanks for your feedback Andrej.

    The bug report system is tied to the technical support system and thus it requires an eStore account to be created in order for it to be accessed. We are working in improving the process and we'll see if soon it can be more accessible.

    However, if the bug you intended to report is the one you described at http://discussion.forum.nokia.com/fo...d.php?t=188089 then you should know that you are describing there a limitation and you are issuing a feature request, not a bug.

    This site is for software developers and about software development. If you are a software developer, and if you have found issues in the APIs we provide, please do make the effort of letting us know about them, even if you have to create another (free) account for that. But if the issues are regarding the products, from an end-user perspective, then please post your feedback to a more appropriate site, such as http://www.nokia.com/discussions
    -- Lucian

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