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    Polyphonic OTT's

    I know this has been commented on a few times but I'm going to say it anyway... A few posts back someone mentioned Miki's World on the 3650 using poly OTT's for the in-game audio (deducted from disassembling and general poking around). I also remember reading this:


    It's Darude Highway Racer featuring poly sound... for Series 40 phones (and I haven't seen any that support the MMAPI).

    I haven't seen the OTT file format (a link, anyone?) so I haven't looked into the first point. I also haven't seen Darude Highway Racer, so I can't comment on that. Anyone able to shed any light or have any other thoughts on this?


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    I think it's possible but undocumented

    Look at the Smart Messaging 3.0 document.

    It describes the ringtone format - without calling it OTT.

    It has values in there for polyphonic and midi ring tones but DOES NOT show the format of data expected for those types - saying it is reserved for the future.

    So my guess is Mr.Goodliving (and other Nokia friends) know what the format is even though it is not publicly available.

    Come on Nokia support guys - help us make great series 40 games - give us the file format for poly/midi OTTs so that we can play them with Nokia UI on the phones that millions of people currently have.

    I am really quite sure it is possible.

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