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    QWebView - load page from memory


    I'd like to create at runtime a html page and show it in QWebView. But I don't want to store this html on the device. Unfortunetly I didn't find method to load html content from the memory (variable), only load page from http.
    Any idea?

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    Re: QWebView - load page from memory


    i think you can use smt like:
    to load a web page, stored on your file system, into QWebView object(or rather into QWebFrame object).

    If you want to load a page created in runtime:
    QString h=QString("<>html....<>");
    Or even you can use qt resources system:
    QResource res(":/index.html");
    QByteArray html((const char*)res.data(), res.size());
    QString h=QString(html);
    It will load a page and set html contents as given in QString object. The only problem using resources system is i can not make working css styles sheets and java script functions from other files... It works only when page is loaded using load() method, using qt resources system i can see only html contents form setHtml() method, but no css or js sripts from other files are loaded.

    Does anyone can help us here and tell how can we use html, css and js data from qt resources system stored in separate files?


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