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    Cell Broadcast in 3G

    Hi everybody.

    We have a product based on Cell Broadcast Services (CBS) wich works fine in 2G on Nokia phones.

    But for 3G phones it doesn't work because mobile devices don't support these feature. For example N95 shows message in it menu, that this kind of servises is not supported in the mobile device.

    Is there any explanation for this. Maybe Nokia Mobile have another technology like CBS?

    We tested LG and Siemens and they work fine in 3G.

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    Re: Cell Broadcast in 3G

    Hi Mihala,

    We have implemented CBC feature in our test lab and we had also same kind of problem with Nokia phones (2g fine but 3g not).During the testing we used Samsung S8000 phone in 3G.
    May I ask an question about multipage cell broadcast message via 3G network? . . currently we have some problem with multipage messages; up to 6 pages we are able to see on the phone, but if we create more then 6 page (9, 11...pages) the messages not reaching the phone!!! do you have also same problem?

    2nd question: which model of LG and Siemens handset did you use in 3G?


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