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    Unhappy an easy way to publish apps == mission impossible?

    I need an easy and fast way to publish s60v3 apps commercially (not as freeware) for the sake of an optional school subject (entrepreneurship, check http://www.nuoriyrittajyys.fi/index.php?lang=english/ for details). We decided to catch two flies with one strike: do the course and practise programming by founding a company that makes mobile games.
    We have one year time for this (now about 7 months remaining) and are quite in a hurry to publish the first app. We considered the OVI store, but now hat seems far too complicated for our use (and after reading that signing etc stuff, also too expensive).

    So my question is: where could we publish our games (and unpublish at the end of the semester) without having to wait like 4 months and paying >1000€ for publishing 2-3 games for the remaining time of the school year?

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    Re: an easy way to publish apps == mission impossible?

    If you want to publish your applications, the easy way forward is to setup a web site (few $) and host your applications there. Then pair with a team doing a Marketing project and have them create a plan to make those application visible to the public.

    But since you want to have the apps sold for real money you need a real e-store mechanism and that is business, unless you find one willing to sponsor your project it will end up costing you money, possibly lots of them.
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    Re: an easy way to publish apps == mission impossible?

    Besides Ovi Store, there are also other mobile app sales channels, such as: http://www.handango.com/info/Partner.jsp?storeId=2218

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