Hi guys,

As you might saw from my other posts, i'm implementing a system using NFC, till now work is going great, the problem it that i can't find a way to clear some tags that i accidently shared data to them.

So basically i need the tags to become like new, without any data in them.

I've tried to remove the records in them... no exception is being thrown but for some reason data isn't being removed from the tag :-/

Here is the code that i'm talking about:

int num = conn.readNDEF().getNumberOfRecords();
                    for (int i = 0; i < num; i++) {
As you might notice, i've got that StringItem that can confirm that this code is beeing executed without any exceptions thrown.

Ive been searching everywhere for a solution but i didn't find the answer to my question

I just hope that even though there might be issues of security, nfc tags can be deleted if they have read/write permissions.