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    Conflicting data error

    Hi everybody.

    I cannot correctly open a theme i have. i have carbide.ui theme edition 3.4, and the theme is in tpf, but both when i import it as an archive or i decompress the archive and load the project or the tdf file, i can't open it appropriately.

    the file is not corrupted, because the theme loads. only, it isn't shown correctly. i mean, i just see the icons, but the rest of the theme is similar to the default theme (anyway not like it should be).

    i have tried to open the tpf with carbide 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, but still the same result. i have obtained the tpf from the author, and he has the same problem too (even if when he created it, he was able to correctly see it and consequently create the sis package)

    Especially, while importing the theme as an archive, carbide (from 3.3 to above) gives me this error.

    "Conflicting data for tool specific third party elements found.
    Click 'Yes' to retain tools information. Click'No' to replace with themes

    What could it depend on?

    Please help.

    Many many thanks
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    Re: Conflicting data error

    It seems you are using third party icons. Remove those icons and try once.

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