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    About Fisrt Delivery time

    Hi, could anybody give me any advise :
    when I want to send a differed message, i use the parametre "first delivery time absolute". for example, if I want to send a message and if the current date is 15/02/03 18h30min, I put this parameter at "0302161830" to send it the following day. but the message is sent immediately !!!!
    I tried to use the parameter "first delivery time relatif". I do not know if the value to be indicated is in second or not. I have tested it in second and that does good.

    Please help


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    Please check that your SMSC clock is ok. I just tested the
    First Delivery Time Absolute with the Nokia Artuse SMSC rel SC5B CD3.
    ^B03:005 021:MSISDN 033:testingfirstdeliverytime absolute 054:030411150700 ^C
    And the SMS was delivered on 11.04.03 at 15.07.

    Antti/Forum Nokia

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