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    Question GPS Navigator using Java ME

    I am developing a speech guided gps navigator as my final year MCA project. Right now, i have got the current location of my mobile using JSr-179. I mean the lat and long values. now I have to download any maps[google maps, yahoo maps,etc] and then mark my current location in it with lat and long values which i got using JSR-179. Only after doing this i can think of navigation and speech.

    Right now , i need your help in selecting the best maps for this purpose and also details about how to map them and the availability of apis for java.

    I tried google maps, but there is no seperate api for java me and also the license issues. I can't find much info about yahoo maps,

    Please kindly provide your valuable inputs for this.

    I started mobile programming only 2-3 days back, so still in the learning stage. I have to hurry on this as my project deadline has been advanced by a month.

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    Re: GPS Navigator using Java ME

    Here is a simple library to query Google Maps

    Check OVI maps too.


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