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    Error While building in Qt


    While trying to build a project in Qt4.6 I get the error saying "No valid QT version found. Please set one through Tools->Options". I have checked the PATH variable in options and modified the required environmanet variable to point to the location where Qt is installed, but still the error comes up. Can someone please help me out with this error. I have installed the Symbian Library and using Qt creator as the IDE.


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    Re: Error While building in Qt

    When I had a similar problem in QtDesigner using qt sdk 4.6, I followed the steps below in order to get it fixed:

    1) Go to Tools / Options
    2) On the left pane: Qt4 > Qt Versions
    3) Click on + (plus button) at the top-right position of "Qt versions" list
    4) type qt version in Version Name box (ex. 4.6)
    5) type QMake Location (ex. /opt/qtsdk-2009.05/qt/bin/qmake)
    6) Choose "4.6" in "Default Qt Version" listbox

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