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    OVI should sponsor some free applications

    Looking though the reviews on OVI again and again you can see comments like “should be free”, “you can get this for free on iPhone” and “too expensive”.

    As a developer this is a bit frustrating, it costs money to develop, sign and publish an app, and most developers are looking for at least some small returns.

    In order to get more apps free on OVI, I suggest OVI should “sponsor” some applications by paying the developer a modest fixed fee for the rights to distribute the application for free. I’m thinking something like 5,000 to 10,000 euro for a fairly simple app.

    A developer that sells a 1 euro application, would need to get 10,000 downloads to earn 5000 euros (when OVI take 30% and after operator charges and local taxes), so a fixed upfront fee could be attractive. This could provide some developers with the funding needed to get started and to develop better more complex applications.

    What do other developers think ?


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    Re: OVI should sponsor some free applications

    i think its already been done - check out offscrn

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    Re: OVI should sponsor some free applications


    This is being addressed by both Ovi Store teams and FN.

    Thank you

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