Hello all,

I am new to software development for mobile phones, but I am interested in following. I have web portal on stuttering, for people dealing with this problem. By looking at this page: http://www.fluencypal.com/ I wandered if I can also make something similar, or maybe someone can help me.

So, my goal is to make antistuttering software, based on prinicple of Delayed audio feedback (It has been well established that the dysfluencies observed in individuals who stutter may be reduced under a number of conditions including choral reading and altered auditory feedback. Delayed auditory feedback (DAF) is a technique that can improve fluency in individuals who stutter. This application implements the DAF and thus simulates the 'choral effect'.) or Frequancy altered Feedback. This means that you hear your own voice when you speak, but with small delay (ms) or with altered frequency.

Can anyone help me with this. Help can consist of two ways: you can tell me what steps are necessary to make this application, or if anyone is quite good at this, one can make this application for me, with financial compensation ofcourse. I am open to all suggestions and questions.

Application should run in conjuction with bluetooth headphones.

my e-mail is. acatovic@gmail.com