I generally use NetBeans as my IDE under Ubuntu 9.10. However NetBeans fails to show Qt variables properly and I decided to try my luck again at Qt Creator. So far it too fails to show Qt variables, even though I would expect it to be able to do so. The first message I get is that it doesn't find the helper libraries and to solve the problem I need to rebuild the software. (See image)
(I can't upload an image, so I need 1000 words instead of 1 picture.)

In any case there are green checks in 2 lines of the dialog which should indicate that no rebuild is necessary. Never mind, I rebuild it so it will be happy.

When I reach my breakpoint I look at a Qt String as the easiest object to display. Like NetBeans Qt Creator fails to give me the value of the Qt String (or any other Qt variable for that matter). Needless to say, this makes debugging Qt programs extremely difficult to accomplish.

If I could upload my 3 screen shots, it would be possible to see the problem.

Any help would be appreciated.