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    [N97] Music Library doesn't show tracks, artists etc

    Hi all,

    After some trouble restarting my N97, i decided to hard reset the phone. After i did this, i've been experiencing some trouble.
    When i click on the Music app, i see Music library: 4349 tracks. But when i click the library itself, it doesnt show any track, artist or album at all. I tried to refresh the library, but this gave a result of 0 new tracks. Looking in the library again didn't change anything. Then i tried to add a new album. After refreshing the library again, the library said 11 new tracks. But.... looking in the library again didn't give any result: still 0 tracks, albums and artists. I can't find out why the music app doesn't see all my tracks.

    As far as i can see there are no trouble with my hard drive, since i can scroll in the E: drive and see all my files and play them. Apps that are installed at E: also work, so i don't think thats the issue....

    Anyone has an idea? I thought of removing all tracks from the library and adding them again, but since adding one new folder didn't make a difference, i think it's a waste of time.

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    Re: [N97] Music Library doesn't show tracks, artists etc

    how can i create call out feature on e71 .can u guide me

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