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    Internet Toolkit V3.1 and cookie path


    I'm using the Nokia Wap Toolkit V3.1. The path of a cookie is not well interpreted by the Toolkit, so cookies aren't well forwarded.

    Example :
    1) Request 1 :
    The servlet processing this request, set a cookie "myCookie" with the path "/". In the cookie's panel, the path of the cookie "myCookie" is "/n/abc/def" !!!!!!!!! => PROBLEM

    2) Request 2 :
    Cookie isn't included in the header of the request => normal.

    3) Request 3 :
    The cookie's path was set to "/", the cookie must be sent by the browser because the requested domain is the same.
    But the tookit interpreted the cookie's path as "n/abc/def". Because the URI requested isn't matched with the cookie's path, the toolkit didn't include the cookie "myCookie" in the header.

    Anybody knows is a fix exists?

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    the next version of the Toolkit (actually NMB (Nokia Mobile Browser) to be more precise, since cookie handling is done by the browser, the Toolkit just displays what's going on) will have a new cookie handling engine and all cookie problems will hopefully be corrected. You just have to wait another month or so. Until then you can use real phone SDKs (also freely downloadable), like the 7210 SDK. This will probably have a more or less bugfree cookie engine, but the stored cookies will not be shown by Toolkit.


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