We are using the following tools:

Symbian OS 8.1a
S60 2nd Edition FP3
Carbide C++ 2.0

on Windows XP and Nokia N70 and N72 handsets.

We have a requirement for a feature in our handset based application that would enable us to listen to screen draw and redraw events from the Windows Server.

In order to enable this feature we went over the Animation example in the S60Examples directory and used the methods indicated therein.

In our application we make the following two relevant calls:


to enable receiving of the events. Then in the overridden method:

TBool OfferRawEvent( const TRawEvent& aRawEvent )

we get only the following events:

Key Events (Mouse up and down) ..

We want to get the following event:


but it does not seem to come through.

It would be great if someone could point out what we are missing in our code so that we could receive TRawEvent::ERedraw events in our OfferRawEvent() method.

Thanks in advance.