So, we are always hoping for feedback on our software platforms and on our tools offering. You can post new feature requests and report existing bugs. Please see our feedback pages here:

Summing up what is offered on that page:
  • For bugs there are two options, either submit it internally to Nokia (via the form), or create a new public Known Issue about it so others in the community can comment on it or suggest technical workarounds.
  • For features & feedback we also have two "channels". Firstly the Nokia internal channel in the form of the feedback form. And secondly the platform features public discussion forum here:

For the two Nokia internal channels I'd like to give a forward apology that we cannot possibly reply to all received items (as we are receiving a massive stream of input), therefore we give no promise to respond to any of them. Sorry. However we may be in contact with some, for instance when a bug report might need more information on how to reproduce.