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    Instrumented plugins cannot be loaded

    Hi everyone

    I have had problems loading plugins instrumented with code coverage tools. The QPluginLoader seems to crash when it tries to load an instrmented plugin.
    For instrumentation I have been using vsinstr (tool in visual studio), ctc++ and Bullseye coverage and only bullseye have worked.

    Have anybody had same experinces.

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    Re: Instrumented plugins cannot be loaded

    Can you see what code the instrumentation generates? I would assume that the generation in non-working coverage tools adds arguments to functions/changes return types which would cause behaviour you are observing.

    You can propably make an example application not using Qt and still get the same issue. plugins are load at at runtime by calling entrypoint function (factory) and then API is virtual table.

    Check the map files generated and compare to non-instrumented ones.


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