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    why does emulator shut down with this code?

    I have the following code that shuts down the emulator at 'myBuffer1 = iCheckAccAppUi->NoArray->MdcaPoint(i);'
    I am guessing its because the querylist now has the ownership of NoArray from reading comments in the code for the list query
    there are no compile/linking errors.
    I want to be able to place the selected item text into an edit box.

    How do I get access to that array after the List Query is done with it

    case EKeyOK:
    if (iFocusControlIndex == 0)
    myBuffer1.Copy (CheckNoText);
    i = iCheckAccContainer2View->RunListQuery1L(&myBuffer1,iCheckAccAppUi->NoArray,NULL);
    myBuffer1 = iCheckAccAppUi->NoArray->MdcaPoint(i); EMULATOR SHUTS DOWN HERE LINE ******
    iEdit1->SetTextL (&myBuffer1);
    return EKeyWasConsumed;

    Thank You

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    Re: how to get back ownership from list query

    figured it out I guess the querylist dialog code created by the wizard seems to delete the itemArray so had to do a copy to a different array before calling the querylist.

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