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    Cool control pc using mobile

    hi i want to design a application , in that
    i want to control my pc using mobile service , like if i forget to shutdown the pc , and my mobile is connected with pc
    then sending a SMS i can shout down that ,

    how i can do this ? or one more question how i can read that sms or email from my mobile phone to pc

    or how i can achieve this , plz help , is that possible ?

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    Re: control pc using mobile


    I think remotely accessing PC with the help of mobile is already available. I think VNC client for mobiles are available or else logmein. You can search for them.

    Otherwise, if you want PC controlled through SMS then your PC needs to be attached with GSM modem which will be able to read SMS. After reading that message you need to take the appropriate action.

    Hope that helps you out.
    Mobile Application Developer

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