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    Key repeats (possibly caused by network lags)


    I've just finished wrestling with an e55 on RDA. I used it (well, mostly just tried) for 4 hours and it was more or less unusable because the key board presses were either repeated a number of times or (more probably) the software interpreted it as if I held the buttons down for an extended period. For example pressing the menu key usually brought up the application list instead of the menu. Navigating with the cursor keys was nearly impossible as the selection stepped usually more than one positions (sometimes just 2, sometimes 5 or more).

    I think that it was caused by the network lag (and that the RDA gui sends the key press and key release events in 'real time' and there is no time stamp on the events...). This also happened with other devices in the RDA, it just got really bad today. The problem might be with the RDA network connection, however the real cause is the software. (Our office has a 15/3 MBit line and I, at the moment, can do 8/0.4 MBit, with a ping time of 22ms inside our contry, which should be more than enough to send a few key strokes.)

    Has anyone else met this problem? Can we expect a fix?


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    Re: Key repeats (possibly caused by network lags)

    sounds strange. my only guess is that there has been some temporary issue either on your side or the server side that has bheen causing this. but I have not gotten other reports about this type of problems. if the problem persists, let me know and we'll try to investigate in more detail.

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