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    A new platform for java developers

    hi no doubt java is the biggest platform around the world for software application
    but i am wondering about this new MITR which is recently launch by spicelabs
    it supports JAVA, symbian, blackberry, windows and rest of the others are going to be included very soon.
    so point here is now companies are moving for common supports platform or they will take risk and rely on same platform they are developing since some of the yeras.

    for more details about MITR

    click the link belowhttp://spicelabs.in/developers.html

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    Re: A new platform for java developers

    There are many SDKs like this. J2ME Polish, for example.

    With any such "solution", you need to ask:

    1. What does it cost?

    2. What flexibility do I lose?

    3. What devices are supported?

    4. What happens to my product if the SDK provider collapses?

    Note that you are still relying on J2ME on most of these devices, since you are still running a J2ME application.


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    Well its good to hear about MITR.


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