My knowledge of mobile development is very basic.
I have developed a GPS based mobile application. It works fine on actual handset when it receives the actual GPS signals. But now i want to test this application on variety of handset, for this i am using Nokia RDA.
After searching thru this forum i came to know about this post "Using positioning simulation tool with RDA".

As mentioned on this site i have installed the Simulation Application (and also disabled all GPS services except the Simulation) and i am able to set the Location by selecting my NMEA file. I have also cross checked the said location by using Get Location which is available in the SimPsy Configurator and it shows the correct location which is set by the selected NMEA file. I have also tested this with the Nokia Maps and it correctly shows the Location from the NMEA file when i click on 'My Location'.

But when i am running my application on the RDA it does not gets the Location from the NMEA, instead it just waits forever for the GPS signal. i would like to know the cause and the Solution for this wierd problem.
Do i need to change anything in my code, if yes, then can i get some code snippet which can help me figure out this problem.

Any Help is welcome!!!

Thanks in Advance.