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    Red face Help getting GPS/Phone info!

    Hi! I was reading some of your posts on the nokia forum. I'm really new to j2me development, and I'm currently developing a GPS app for work that pinpoints nearby locations of interest.

    Currently, we need a lot of info from the phone that is not so easy to get using j2me, including lac, mcc, mnc, rssi, imei or some unique phone id, etc..

    We also need gps information, such as latitude, longitude, etc.

    With all this info, our api can get nearby location by either gps or radiobase info.

    We're currently using the location api (getLocation(int), and such) for GPS data, and System.getProperty for phone information.

    I would like to know if there's a way to obtain such info from other sources, like a location or phone info listener of sorts, or by parsing a special string that is always available, since we need to deploy this app for several phone brands and models and it would be a pain to develop 20 different versions focusing on each phone's specs.

    Thanks a lot for your help in advance!

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    Re: Help getting GPS/Phone info!

    Dear kuroizero ,
    As per your requirment you should not choose J2me.Because you won't get more network information as you mentioned.Try to use WRT Widgets.

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    Re: Help getting GPS/Phone info!

    You can get some type of cell info - location information from incoming CBS messages that operators send to the mobile device using WMA API in J2me.


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    Re: Help getting GPS/Phone info!


    As you have mentioned that you will launching it for several phones. If the phones you are targetting are Nokia handsets then you will not get Network Information from S40 devices. You will need manufacturer or operator level signing which is not easily obtainable. If your target devices are S60 devices then the best option is Symbian C++, with that you will all the network information and GPS info too.

    If you are targeting handsets other than Nokia then I think Sony Ericsson JP7.3 and greater will give all those information including Network information.

    Hope this helps you out.
    Mobile Application Developer

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    Red face Re: Help getting GPS/Phone info!

    Let me clear something up. The JAR application is finished. I'm using LWUIT + Netbeans 6.7.1. The only problem left solving is getting specific phone information.

    In our app you need at least internet access in order to retrieve points of interest based on city codes.
    Additionally, you may use GPS or CellId/Radiobase location info to narrow search results down to a mile radius, and IMEI in order to save unique client IDs on our database.

    Ideally, we would be able to get GPS AND CellId info, so we have all available data.
    The problem is that as you all know, getting all this info is a pain to get via J2ME, since it's all retrieved via LocationProvider and System.getProperty("key") methods (but they usually return null values).

    Is there an easy way to sign your midlets so we can have access to all this info?
    I'm from Ecuador, so I don't really have access for operator level signing, and since it's targeted to several phones, I don't know if one JAR file can hold several manufacturer signatures.

    So, I have a couple questions/doubts:
    Which models require special permission signatures to get getProperty info and which don't?
    Which models require special permission signatures to get Location info and which don't?

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    Re: Help getting GPS/Phone info!

    Hmmm... what phones do you expect your app to work on?

    Nokia Series 40s... you won't get the IMEI, the cell ID, anything, and you won't get your app manufacturer-signed. Many devices simply won't provide this information, signing or no.


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