Hi All

To be frank i dont know any thing about network connection in J2ME.

I want to develop a application were in i can send instant msg between two cell phone like how we chat in Yahoo or Gtalk.

i want certain question need to be answered

1. What kind of connection need to be used ?
2. Is there any need server between sender and receiver to implement this kind of
application ?
3. How to identity the end points (sender and receiver )?
4. Is there any specific JSR support for this kind application or JSR number?
5. Can any one provide JSR no to implement this kind application.

Note : application should not depend on message connection or Bluetooth connection to send and receive msg.

it should be live chat between to two user using this application.

if there are any document that can help to develop this kind application ca you plz mail to ashok_kumar_rr@yahoo.com.

plz help me out.