Hey ,

I having a really hard time with 6120 regarding video players.
After I play video for 3-6 times (not in full screen,not supported from some reason and under lwuit)I receiving the famous Symbian error -4 (outOfMemory..)
When it happends,the video (regular Player /VideoControl ) stops in the middle or not starting at all -and then throwing the Symbian error..
After restarting the player,clearning all reasources and reloading all over again its ok again for 3-6 times,in each time ,Im cleaning all of the reasouces including players/video control(stop,deallocate,close,null I have them all,I tried to remove some of them as well,not helping)
as well for diffrent components related to GUi

I can't give you a snapcode because of the large ammount of components-the client works
on ALL other nokia/blackberry/samsung each devices that I've checked.

Does anyone have any kind of idea???
Thank you kindly