OS: windows vista
Symbian SDK: S60-3rd-FP1
Carbide C/C++: 2.0
Qt for symbian: 4.6.0
Open C/C++ has been installed.

When I build a Qt proect in Carbide C/C++,the project doesn't contain the path: \epoc32\include, but \epoc32\include\oem.
The oem file is form the zip file NCNList_fix.zip. If don't patch NCNList_fix.zip, the project doesn't contain \epoc32\include and \epoc32\include\oem.

Build the project, and generates errors as below:
1261319347661 appinfo.rh: No such file or directory HelloQt.rss HelloQt line 7 C/C++ Problem
1261319353511 the file 'stddef.h' cannot be opened[K:\Nokia\Qt\4.6.0\src\corelib\global\qglobal.h] HelloQt line 45 C/C++ Problem
1261319353542 (included from:[K:\Nokia\Qt\4.6.0\src\corelib\global\qglobal.h] HelloQt line 45 C/C++ Problem
1261319353573 K:\Nokia\Qt\4.6.0\include\QtCore\qglobal.h:1[K:\Nokia\Qt\4.6.0\src\corelib\global\qglobal.h] HelloQt line 45 C/C++ Problem
1261319353604 K:\Nokia\Qt\4.6.0\src\corelib\global\qnamespace.h:45[K:\Nokia\Qt\4.6.0\src\corelib\global\qglobal.h] HelloQt line 45 C/C++ Problem
1261319353636 K:\Nokia\Qt\4.6.0\include\QtCore\qnamespace.h:1[K:\Nokia\Qt\4.6.0\src\corelib\global\qglobal.h] HelloQt line 45 C/C++ Problem
1261319353667 K:\Nokia\Qt\4.6.0\src\corelib\kernel\qobjectdefs.h:45[K:\Nokia\Qt\4.6.0\src\corelib\global\qglobal.h] HelloQt line 45 C/C++ Problem

How to deal with these errors? Thanks.