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    Text To Speech Api in Java ME

    I am developing a speech enabled GPS Navigator for Symbian mobile. I m using WRT and Google Maps avpi v3. There is no text to speech utility or api in WRT. So I searched in java and found this article.


    It makes use of JSR 113. I am using Wireless Toolkit for java me development. For TTS in java I need to include the following line

    import javax.speech.*;

    The problem is there is JSR 113 profile in Wireless Toolkit. Can anyone tell me how can i add that to my Wireless toolkit and also whether the sample program given in the above wiki link will work in nokia 5800 Express Music mobile.

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    Re: Text To Speech Api in Java ME

    So far as I know, there is no phone that supports JSR113.


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    Re: Text To Speech Api in Java ME

    Quote Originally Posted by grahamhughes View Post
    So far as I know, there is no phone that supports JSR113.

    Yes you are right yet no API available for it. We hope it will be available in future.

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