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    J2me on symbian - native features


    I'm writing a J2me application that runs on Symbian devices, my question is whether ther is a way to access symbian OS native features?
    The features I need to use are:
    1. Opening deskop (home) screen without closing the application (from code, not with the device 'home' screen)
    2. Opening the "switch applications bar" without closing the application.
    3. pase a text copied by the device's clipboard.

    Is there any API / code that can support any of these features?

    Thanks in advanced to any one who an assist,


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    Re: J2me on symbian - native features

    Using Java on Symbian does not enable any magic. "Native" features are accessible only through the defined APIs, and there are no Symbian-specific APIs.

    You might be able to put an application into the background by:

    However, this is not guaranteed to work. Nor is it guaranteed that the home screen will display, even if the application does go into the background.

    There is no way to open the task list, other than by the usual user-initiated mechanism.

    There is no access to the system clipboard.


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