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    Porting Xlib Apps to N900

    I apologize if this is in the wrong forum; this seemed the most promising one, as my question concerns a GUI on the n900.

    Some years ago, I ported the graphical Links2 web browser to the n800. It uses raw Xlib rather than a toolkit such as Gtk or Qt. To get it to work on the n800, I added a thin GTK layer around it: basically, it created a Gtk window, and used this window as the parent of the Xlib window created by Links, and a few other shims to get input working.

    Now I have an n900, as I was pleasantly surprised to find that simply running Links resulted in a window, preview, and so on, with no Gtk required. On the other hand, it seems that making it full screen (which I consider a necessary feature) requires a Gtk/Gdk window. Unfortunately, the previous approach doesn't seem to work; I simply get a black window. I've played around a bit, and am unable to get a Gtk/Gdk window working with Links.

    I've taken a brief look at Qt, and haven't found anything that looks particularly useful. Before, I found a wonderful tutorial on porting X apps, explaining how to make a Gtk window, how the input works (and even an example which took Hildon input Clientmessages and converted them to X keyboard events); this made it much easier to port. Does anything like this currently exist, either for Gtk or Qt?

    Or, I would be delighted if there were a way to tell Maemo to hide the toolbar without having to give it a Gty,/Qt window. Unfortunately, documentation seems pretty sparse at the moment.

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    Porting Xlib Apps to N900 (Solved)

    Of course, only hours after posting this it occurs to me to look at exactly what the GTK fullscreen call does. It turns out all that's required is sending an XClientMessage to the root of type _NET_WM_STATE with parameter _NET_WM_STATE_FULLSCREEN, and the window becomes fullscreen.

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