I apologize if this is in the wrong forum; this seemed the most promising one, as my question concerns a GUI on the n900.

Some years ago, I ported the graphical Links2 web browser to the n800. It uses raw Xlib rather than a toolkit such as Gtk or Qt. To get it to work on the n800, I added a thin GTK layer around it: basically, it created a Gtk window, and used this window as the parent of the Xlib window created by Links, and a few other shims to get input working.

Now I have an n900, as I was pleasantly surprised to find that simply running Links resulted in a window, preview, and so on, with no Gtk required. On the other hand, it seems that making it full screen (which I consider a necessary feature) requires a Gtk/Gdk window. Unfortunately, the previous approach doesn't seem to work; I simply get a black window. I've played around a bit, and am unable to get a Gtk/Gdk window working with Links.

I've taken a brief look at Qt, and haven't found anything that looks particularly useful. Before, I found a wonderful tutorial on porting X apps, explaining how to make a Gtk window, how the input works (and even an example which took Hildon input Clientmessages and converted them to X keyboard events); this made it much easier to port. Does anything like this currently exist, either for Gtk or Qt?

Or, I would be delighted if there were a way to tell Maemo to hide the toolbar without having to give it a Gty,/Qt window. Unfortunately, documentation seems pretty sparse at the moment.