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    IMessaging.GetList problem: Don't get phone number

    I'm sure this is a problem that has been talked about in the past so my apologizes for posting about it again. I just can't find a solution.

    I'm reading the inbox and get the message body correctly. But when I read the phone number I have some issues. If the SMS was sent by someone that is not on my contact list I get the phone number. But if the sender is on my contact list then I only get the name.

    So: item = result.ReturnValue.getNext();

    returns item = "5035551234" for a message sent by someone not on my contact list
    returns item = "Joe Schmoe" for a message sent by Joe who is on my contact list.

    I, however, need Joe's number. Sure I can look it up I guess, but Joe might have 5 phone numbers on my contact list. So looking up does nothing good.

    Is there a way to find out what number Joe used to send that specific text message?

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    Re: IMessaging.GetList problem: Don't get phone number


    Phone number isn't stored in the message object, there is no solution ...

    Or, i don't know it ???

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    Re: IMessaging.GetList problem: Don't get phone number

    I apologize I have not verified it myself, but I expect if you just use the name string as the recipient the SMS editor will try to match the default SMS number for you. That is you don't have to look up. In the case the contact does not have a default SMS number, the SMS editor should pop up a list of numbers to choose from.

    In short, let the SMS editor do the work for you.

    I am able to verify this before you, I will confirm my suggestion above. If you are able to check before I do, please also let us know.

    Have a happy new year!

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