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    I am vinay….
    I heard that when we start camera on mobile it records everything in frames format (like 3 fps, 15 fps). If so, I want to create an J2ME application such that when I run my application on mobile, it(application) should automatically open/on the camera & it should capture each frame and store it into a buffer i.e. when 1st frame(image) is captured it should be stored into buffer and after that when 2nd frame is captured that frame( 2nd frame) should be compared to 1st frame and if any change is found among those two frames my application should give a message like “ there is a change” and the recent frame(anyway 2nd frame) should be replaced in buffer removing the 1st frame because the first frame is unnecessary anyway after comparision.

    So here, please show me a road map…how to start and where to start ……what to do….

    1. Shall I create a new camera player or can I access the default camera which is in mobile for controlling it…..if it is possible to access the existing tell me how..??

    2. How can i capture continuous frames (for comparison)

    I am using -------NetBeans6.5 RC2 IDE
    Sun Java Wireless Toolkit3.0

    Mobile------------Nokia N95 (8GB)

    Does the requirements are sufficient or anything else is needed….
    Sir please help me to do this sir……….

    Thank you….

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    I have search in the wiki,

    one article is available which decode the frame rate according to the frame rate of video captured.

    The code is in java..You check it below link.

    best regards,

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