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    Encrypt and decrypt data

    How to encrypt and decrypt data using Triple DES in j2me

    please anyone help...

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    Re: Encrypt and decrypt data

    take a look here.


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    Re: Encrypt and decrypt data

    package java.security does not exist

    package javax.crypto does not exist

    package javax.microedition.io.file does not exist

    while executing Encrypt & decrypt its giving above error .....

    I have searched regarding this but they have given that jce.jar file is needed for crypto,security ...this is in jre/lib
    when i have run the app with normal app(without polish) then its working fine
    when app+j2me polish then the above error is occuring...
    I have added the JCE.jar file in build.xml....
    and i place the jar file in both j2mepolish/import and wtk/lib

    even then the same error is occuring...
    please tell me anything need to be added ......(I am working in Netbeans IDE)

    please help me
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