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    How to read the sms logs?

    I did read the contents of the link http://wiki.forum.nokia.com/index.php/How_to_use_logs about how to use the logs.

    My problem is that i do not get any output from the logs.sms(mode='out') method, though my SMS "Sent" folder has 20 messgages. the count of 20 i got it too through the inbox module.

    To make the story short this is what I wrote:

    PHP Code:
    import appuifw,logs
    i in range(len(l)):
    #please fix the code for me the following or the above line.
    # i want also to know whether I am accessing the logs correctly
    #I am getting an empty string here from the print(). I DO want the phone number of the recipient. I am calculating the bills.

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    Re: How to read the sms logs?


    In your phone's log application, are there any records of sent SMS messages?

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