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    Need some help getting started

    I tried reading the sticky and other threads on the discussion but I cannot find a proper 'how to' guide for creating an app using python for s60v5 devices. Can anybody help me with getting started. I want to know how

    1.to install python on my s60v5 phone.
    2.I can simulate python for s60v5 on my PC. ( to test my code)

    Sorry If I'm being a n00b but I am completely lost and tried searching and reading the FAQ but couldn't find any solutions to my problems

    P.S. I recently got into programming and want to make some simple apps for my s60v5 5530.

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    Re: Need some help getting started

    hello PFX

    welcome to forum nokia discussion boards.

    Its very easy to start your development for PyS60, just see the instruction below:

    1.Go to maemo garage download this installation file.

    2.Install this in your windows and go to c:\\Program files\\Python for S60\\PythonDepndencies inside there you will get all the sis required to get going with Python, just install Python_1.9.7.sis and your choice of script shell.

    3.Then you are ready to check your application in your device.

    Your second question:

    1.Download appropriate s60 5th edition sdk from forum nokia.

    2.Download the PyS60 plugin for that from maemo garage. Like you need this for 5th edition device .

    3.Then extract thi zip file in C:\\S60\\devices\\s605th edition sdk folder, the you can check the application folder in your emulator you will get the Python application in that.

    Hope this is fine for you.

    Enjoy Pythoning

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