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    Out-of-Memory Error with 450MB free

    Hi guys,
    I develop an App. that gets GPS data and send them to a valid IP address(by tcp connection).

    I have one form for user registering..then App. try to get gps data,and save them in a file if there is no gprs.and if gprs is active,send data to an IP address.
    also I have a user interface that shows gps data to user,and status of gps and gprs...
    everything is well,location update method was called every 15sec(my interval)...I set a variable that counts the number of call this method,when this variable is 130 or another time,320,then this message appear::"Application will be close."and when going to detail,it says "out of memory error"...
    I try to close any forms that used in previous steps of running App. that help me for reuse memory,but still this error appears.
    I try this App. on N78 and E52.
    in E52 I install it on memory card that has 450MB free(in this situation error was appear after 90~130).and try it on phone memory with 50MB free(in this situation error was appear after 130~320).
    is there any idea??

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    Re: Out-of-Memory Error with 450MB free

    Duplicate post.

    Let's continue this in the other thread...

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