Hello friends,

It's my first post on the Forum.

I am developing an Python application (on Mac OS X) that have not a interface by itself, but instead generates web pages, so the user interacts with my app using a web browser.

It's a kind of local-running web app.

Explaining better: On Mac OS X I have an icon that starts my app and launches the browser. The app itself have, in fact, only a single window (dialog box) with OK and CANCEL buttons. OK opens the browser on http://localhost:8000, and CANCEL closes my app.

Being a very useful software to me, now I intend to port it to a mobile phone, that I'll buy for it, maybe an Nokia 5800 xpress music.

I would like to ask if this kind of app will work on a S60 phone. I have no previous experience with mobile development.

Python version on my Mac is 2.6. The main python modules I use on my app are:

sqlite3, BaseHTTPServer, cgi, webbrowser, socket, string, time, calendar, os, os.path, sys.

Any advice is welcome,

Thank you,