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    Debug Volume from Microphone

    Hey guys, I'm looking to simply be able to access or debug the volume in dB from the microphone input. I can't seem to find any sort of API for python that allows me to do this easily. I saw the Spyphone project at http://www.symbianresources.com/projects/spyphone.php which is definitely on the right track, but a bit ambitious for what I'm doing. Is there nothing that can let me get at this data easily? Or is there a method of doing so that's a little less complicated/ambitious than spyphone?

    Thanks for your help/suggestions.

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    Question Re: Debug Volume from Microphone

    Sorry to double-post but this is still an on-going problem - does anyone have any idea on how to debug volume, or is this something that has to be constantly analyzed from a wav file? If so, how do I learn about doing that?

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