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    Clearing backspace key binding in appuifw.text

    Simply put, I want to remove the functionality of the backspace key. Not everything has to be an editor.

    According to the API documentation for appuifw.text, doing something like example_text.bind(key_codes.EKeyBackspace, None) should be able to clear the binding. However, this causes Python to exit with KERN EXEC 3 instead.

    Yes, I'm aware of appuifw2, but it does not work in 1.9.7, if I recall correctly.

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    Re: Clearing backspace key binding in appuifw.text

    I haven't tried it but there is a ported version of appuifw2 here.

    And another way to cancel the action of the backspace key is to detect it using the keycapture module and simply do nothing:

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